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Meet Our Team

Kansas City has some of the best architects in the country and yet, in the last 20 years, there have been very few “interesting” homes constructed. Generic design, standardized components, and mass production typically prohibits individuality and excellence.   Architects know that unique designs and details can cause confusion, mistakes, friction, delays, and expense. To avoid this, most recycle the same styles over and over.

For builders, bringing great buildings into being has become too difficult. The art of individually hand-crafting unique structures and details has almost disappeared. Building has become the rapid assembly of generic components by sub-contracted and in many cases, poorly trained individuals. Most builders try to achieve maximum square footage for the cheapest possible price by stripping away the details that give character to a home and by using the least expensive materials available. The goal is to build “vanilla” homes that will appeal to 95% of the population.
For homeowners, creating a unique home is often a complex task fraught by compromise, confusion, delay, and overwhelming cost.  Taking a different path can be so difficult that it deters all but the most determined and resourceful individuals. As a result, great homes are seldom built.

It doesn’t have to be that way. At Extraordinary Homes, a team of talented architects provide the comprehensive services of real estate, architecture, interior design, structural design, and construction services in house. By resurrecting the profession of master builder and providing a single source of responsibility for the entire project from lot selection through construction, we produce “extraordinary homes”.
While every home we create is very distinctive and customized for its physical location and client, they all share aesthetics that have become hallmarks of our architectural vision: open floor plans, large expanses of glass, strong geometric shapes and simple details reflecting the inherent beauty of the building materials. Even the way the house sits on its site is carefully considered to optimize the home’s beauty and functionality. Of course, sustainability (green design) is a critical part of every decision.

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Dan Webster

CEO |Architect

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